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I'm Carlos Martínez

As a dedicated Frontend Developer, my passion lies in bringing ideas and business models to life. I have a strong enthusiasm for programming and design, and I view code as a valuable tool to discover efficient solutions and enhance communication.

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My experience

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  • Education

    • UPA LOGO

      Universidad Politécnica de Aguascalientes (September 2019 - April 2023)

      Engineering in Strategic Information Systems

  • Profesional experience

    • Maindsoft LOGO

      Maindsoft (September 2021)

      Full Stack Developer

Get to know some of the technologies I’ve worked with and developed many of my applications with. The list is constantly growing, because if there is something that makes me feel proud is that I am a person who is passionate about learning new things:

Explore some of the professional projects I have collaborated on as a full stack developer at Maindsoft, implementing various functionalities with cutting-edge technologies and focusing on delivering a system with the best possible interface to ensure an optimal user experience. Click on any of them to learn more details.